Other projects

The Finnish project „Co-operation and competence network for promoting occupational health, safety and well-being at work“ (2015–2018)

The aim
 of the project was to share the experience / to learn how to apply the networking principle to health and well-being of employees; also to discuss the challenges of employee’s health and well-being at different ages; and to seek for the solutions together taking into account the good Finnish experience. During the project, four events took place in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Subsequently, representatives of these countries presented their experiences and tailor-made measures at a joint meeting.

An introductory workshop-discussion "Health and well-being at work at all ages" was held in Vilnius in December, 2017. It was organised by the Institute of Hygiene in cooperation with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

The event brought together nearly 50 representatives from business and public enterprises and institutions, universities, and non-governmental organisations. The theoretical material on how to improve health and well-being of employees of all age groups, as well as networking and network operation principles were presented at the event. During the discussions the participants noted that one of the most important challenges faced by enterprises is the lack of a positive attitude of the employer towards different age employees and the creation of a better working environment and an individual approach to workers of different age. They also missed opportunities for lifelong learning.

The raised issues were further discussed in the next meetings arranged in spring 2018.

In June, 2018 in Helsinki (Finland), the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health (FIOH) organised the final event of the project „Co-operation and competence network for promoting occupational health, safety and well-being at work“. The aim of the event was to review and evaluate the activities and the results achieved by the project.

The participants of the event discussed what strategic and practical steps each country should be taking in order to develop occupational health and safety networks and how it would be possible to continue cooperation in order to develop such networks at national and international level.

The discussions in the Lithuanian group emphasized the importance of not losing relations with the participants of the project and continue the network development in Lithuania. It was suggested to initiate a Network for Health Promotion at Work and look for funding possibilities.

For more detailed information about the said project results contact: tinklaveika@hi.lt.


Networking for Health Promotion at Work

As a result of the Finnish project „Co-operation and competence network for promoting occupational health, safety and well-being at work“ (2015–2018) the Networking for Health Promotion at Work continues in Lithuania. Several Networking meetings were organised in 2018 and the relevant issues have been discussed.

The Networking for Health Promotion at Work is an informal activity coordinated by the Institute of Hygiene. The Networking administration group will be established which will also include external representatives of the networking participants.

The principle of the Networking operation is dissemination of good practice, raising the problems and finding solutions, thus improving knowledge. Emphasis was placed on the importance of the feedback, i.e. each networking member should be motivated not only to benefit but also to share the information with others, to participate in the Networking actively.

It was decided that further Networking meetings will be organised by the Institute of Hygiene in February, May, August and November, 2019.

For more detailed information about the Networking for Health Promotion at Work contact: tinklaveika@hi.lt.


Creating a Safe Psychosocial Work Environment at Workplaces

In 2018 the Occupational Health Centre of the Institute of Hygiene, in cooperation with the Institute of Management and Psychology, implemented the project "Creating a Safe Psychosocial Work Environment at Workplaces".

During the implementation of the project, the following events were organised in 2018:

- 10 information days "Friendly from stress and its affecting factors working environment" in Vilnius, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Telšiai, Priekule, Jurbarkas, Kėdainiai, Lazdijai, Skuodas, Ukmergė. Number of participants: 50.

3 one-day training sessions: in Birštonas, Vilnius, Palanga. Number of participants: 25.

1 final international seminar in Vilnius (including lecturers from EU and the Nordic countries). Number of participants: 100.

An international seminar “Friendly to Worker, Safe from Stress and It Affecting Factors Working Environment” took place in December in Vilnius, as a final event of the project "Creating a Safe Psychosocial Work Environment at Workplaces".

Over 100 participants from companies, business leaders, organisations, occupational safety and health services, occupational safety and health committees, representatives from institutions and universities, dealing with the occupational safety and health matters, participated in the seminar.

Participants gained knowledge about psychosocial risk factors at work, work-related mental disorders, disease detection and prevention, and work-related stress management. Much attention has been paid to creating a mental health-friendly working environment and to promoting mental health and well-being at work.

Presentations were given by the foreign lecturers Prof. Dr. Lode Godderis, Leuven University, Belgium, Prof. Wilmar Schaufeli, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, Dr. Dr. Manal Azzi, International Labour Organisation, as well as the professionals from the following Lithuanian institutions: Institute of Hygiene, Institute of Management and Psychology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University and the other.

The purpose of all the events of the project was to draw attention to the employees working environment, disseminating information about actions and measures that would contribute to the development of a safe psychosocial working environment at workplaces.

The events‘ information stand and a symbol - the small wooden sailing ship "Direction: Healthy Workers" - on sails of which the information about a safe psychosocial working environment is presented during the events.

During the events the lecturers presented the recent research studies on psychosocial risk factors and their prevention at work, present the recommendations and the best practices on stress management. Much attention was paid to science and practice-based modern assessment instruments, burnout syndrome and its forms of management. The events also dealt with the emotional support and the enhancement of psychological resistance at work in order to balance physical, emotional, spiritual and mental harmony.

The events were intended for professionals working in the field of occupational health, occupational health specialists, representatives of enterprises / organisations (business enterprises, state institutions, trade unions, associations, non-governmental organisations, public health bureaus / public health centers, etc.).


Innovative and dynamic methods for youth education on occupational health and promotion of healthy lifestyles (Download

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