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The Health Indicators of Lithuania

The Health Indicators of Lithuania database contains about 2500 indicators including selected ECHI indicators. The system provides user-friendly access to a wide range of health statistics at municipality, district, city, county and the national level of Lithuania. The main purpose of the database is to support the health monitoring and reporting in Lithuania, particularly at the sub-national level, and to facilitate the compatibility with the EU level health monitoring by using the ECHI framework.

The list of indicators can be viewed here.

The off-line version can be downloaded from this page as archive file: srs_a.zip (version of March 2021).

Create a directory on your hard disk and download the file. Decompress the archive by activating the file. Start program by running dps2.exe.

In 2014 standardized mortality rates calculated using new European Union standard population were added. Indicators for 2014–2016 were calculated using 85+ as the last age group, indicators for 2017 were calculated using 95+ as the last age group. In 2015 new group of avoidable admissions indicators was added.