Information to authors

Manuscript preparation
The text must be typed with doubled line spacing and wide margins on the one side numbered sheets. The size of the original papers must be restricted to 22  pages (including all the supplements), review articles – up to 24 pages, guideliness and recommendations – 4  pages, other – no more than 2 pages, Manuscript and one copy should be sent to the editorial office (address is given below). Electronic copy of manuscript on CD shoud be attached or sent by e-mail. The original article must be signed by all the authors or the separate permission signed by all authors must be attached.
Authors’ signatures should guarantee that their article is original, does not interfere with copyright regulations and is not previously published, handed or planed for handing to other journals, except in form of thesis or presentation.
Postal and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author must be enclosed.
Structure of the article:
• Title (up to 150 marks, including interval and punctuation);
• Authors;
• Institution(s) to which the work should be attributed.
The text must be divided into the following sections:
• Summary in the same language as the article should not exceed 300 words);
• Keywords (mentioned in the summary);
• Introduction, where the purpose of the work is stated;
• Objectives and methods of the study;
• Results;
• Discussion;
• Conclusions;
• References;
• Summary in the other language up to 300  words (Lithuanian, if the article is in English) including the title, authors, institutions, objective, methods, short presentation of the findings, main conclusions, keywords.
Additional information:
• tables, figures, diagrams, etc, presented in the text must have a separate enumeration;
• illustrations must be of good quality, text of the illustrations should be clear;
• abbreviations mentioned in the text for the first time must be explained;
• the fractional part of the number in Lithuanian is separated by a comma (i. e. 2,16 instead of 2.16);
• references to other works should be consecutively numbered in the text using square brackets and listed in the original language by number in the reference list. List of references should be based on Vancouver system and on “Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals” (JAMA 1997; 277:927-34).
Papers not meeting these requirements are not accepted.
All the manuscripts (accepted or rejected) are not returned.
A fee of 14,5 Eur is taken from each author of the accepted article.

The manuscripts should be sent to the following address:
Institute of Hygiene
Studentu str. 45A
LT-08107 Vilnius, Lithuania
e-mail: [email protected]

The review process takes 14–30 days.