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Model for creating well-being and increasing efficiency at work tested at the seminar, 2016-11-12

The seminar “Well-being and efficiency at work: where do we start?” was organised by the Occupational Health Centre, Institute of Hygiene on 2016-11-29. The seminar was intended for occupational health and safety specialists, public health and human resources professionals.
The main idea of the seminar was to discuss the model strengthening or creating well-being and increasing efficiency at work. The model was created by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health within the “Work efficiency house” concept in order to encourage the interactive discussions which should lead to strengthening or creation of the welfare at work and increase the employees work efficiency. During the discussions the employers and the employees were encouraged to talk and share ideas about what helps to achieve these objectives. The participants of the training seminar were invited to express their point of view to the work environment on paper by painting. The seminar was attended by 16 experts from 12 Lithuanian enterprises and institutions.