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Occupational Health Center

Occupational Health Center (OHC), previously called Occupational Medicine Center, is responsible for research, training, expertise, consultation and information in the field of occupational health in Lithuania. OHC is a part of Institute of Hygiene and located in Vilnius, Studentų str. 45A.

Institute of Hygiene is a budgetary institution under the Ministry of Health, which implements the state policy in the Lithuanian population health and health care monitoring, public health inequalities and public health technology assessment, patient safety and occupational health care.

Structure of Occupational Health Center

Occupational Health Center
Head Erikas Mačiūnas
E-mail: [email protected].

Division of Occupational Health Innovations
Head of division Jūratė Tamašauskaitė
E-mail: [email protected] 

Division of Occupational Health Research
Head Vida Juškelienė, PhD
E-mail: [email protected] 


Occupational Health Center performs the following activities:
•    conducts research of the working environment impact on health;
•    develops and tests in practice innovative interventions to occupational health (care);
•    within its competence, performs assessment of health strategies and health programmes’ measures;
•    within its competence, participates in drafting occupation health (care) legislation, provides comments and suggestions to the Ministry of Health in relation to draft legislation and (or) programmes drawn up by the other institutions, that may have influence on occupational health (care);
•    carries out circulation of the information on occupational health (care), is involved (participates) in training (preparation) of health professionals and improvement of their professional qualifications, capacitates provision of educational practices to high school students and other audiences;
•    within its competence, advise individuals and legal entities, organise and perform non-formal education on occupational health (care) within the legal requirements;
•    in accordance with the Ministry of Health authorisation, represents the position of the Republic of Lithuania in the European Union expert committees and working groups; collaborates with the World Health Organisation and the other international organisations and foreign institutions in the occupational health (care) field;
•    performs the other functions assigned by the Director of the Institute of Hygiene.