Other activities

Other activities of the Occupational Health Centre:

Companies that promote employee health were awarded

Scientific-practical conference "Occupational Health Promotion in Lithuanian Enterprises" organized by the Institute of Hygiene took place in Vilnius, November 14.

The aim of the conference was to find out how much companies are focusing on improving the mental health of their employees, what measures they are taking, how they are being evaluated and how they affect the mental health of employees and the overall psychosocial climate in the workplace.

During the event, representatives of municipal public health bureaus presented workplace health promotion activities, shared experiences on how to improve the microclimate of companies and the psychosocial environment of employees.

Employees of the Occupational Health Center reviewed the findings of research on psychosocial risks at work, a project implemented by the Finnish model to improve school occupational well-being and mental health, and the factors of reintegration after oncological illness.

Correct sitting, standing and physical activity lessons were presented to the participants of the event according to CANTIENICA® method.

Enterprise “Caverion Lietuva”, the winner of the competition organized by the Institute of Hygiene, was awarded at the conference.


The Conference "Innovations for the progressive development of public health"

On the 8th of June, 2018 on the occasion of the 210th Anniversary of the Institute of Hygiene – the conference "Innovations for the progressive development of public health" has been organised.

The purpose of the conference was to introduce the most significant innovations of the Institute of Hygiene over the last ten years. A lot of attention was paid to the possibilities for their implementation. The event took place in Vilnius.
Among the significant guests was the Minister of Health of Lithuania, who, as well as the Director of the Institute of Hygiene made the introductory speech.
It was followed by the presentations on changes in Lithuania's public health, the development of the Institute of Hygiene, the challenges of today's public health care and the most significant innovations. The presentations were made by the heads of the departments of the Hygiene Institute.