Research Projects

Ongoing projects

Factors enabling health promoting activities in vocational education and training institutions (2016-2017) (download)

Implemented projects

The access to the health care and social services for the children from the risk group (2016-2017) (download)

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the physical activity interventions in which the self-monitoring tools are applied for adults (2016-2017) (download)

The assessment of counselling interventions reducing empoyees' cardiovascular risk factors (2015-2016) (download)

Healthy life expectancy and its possible link to health state in Lithuania, 2012-2014 (2015-2016) (download)

The applicability study of management standards for work related stress used in Great Britain as a tool for stress management at Lithuanian companies (2015-2016) (download)

Evaluation of interventions improving the prescription of antimicrobials in hospitals (2015-2016) (download)

The accessibility of mental healthcare services to children with mental, behavioural, and emotional disorders (2015) (download)

Alternative forecast of avoidable mortality in Lithuania with regard to risk factors (2015) (download)

Musicians’ ergonomic working environment factors and their links to musculoskeletal system disorders (2014-2015) (download)

Employees' well-being in reconciling work and private life after the return from parental leave (2014-2015) (download)

Influence of age, period, and cohort factors on the dynamics of type 2 diabetes incidence among adults in Lithuania, 2002-2013 (2014) (download)

Safety and health culture, and occupational health services in manufacturing production companies (2014) (download)

The effectiveness of interventions to improve antimicrobial prescribing in hospitals (2013-2014) (dowloand)

Health inequalities among people aged 65 and over in Lithuania (2013-2014) (dowloand)

The efficiency of adult persons’ physical activity promotion interventions and their application practice in Lithuania (2013-2014) (download)

The assessment of psychosocial occupational (as well as occupational violence) factors of Vilnius city nurses working at general profile hospital psychiatric departments of psychiatric hospitals, and psychological health centres (2013-2014) (download)

The assessment of healthcare-related infection management and self-medication with antibacterial medicine (2013-2014) (download)

Patterns of avoidable hospitalisations and its differences in Lithuania in 2012 (2013-2014) (download)

Health differences of 65-year-olds and older people in Lithuania (2013-2014) (download)

Physical activity promotion in the workplace (2013) (download)

Avoidable mortality trends among Lithuanian urban and rural residents in 1967-2011 (2012-2013) (download)

Public health specialists’ distribution in the labour market and the assessment of public healthcare specialists’ knowledge and skill demand (2012-2013) (download)

The assessment of secondary prevention programme from residents’ and doctors’ point of view (2012) (download)

Dental service accessibility for patients with mobility impairments (2012) (download)

The assessment of the spread of violence among 11-18-year-old children and the factors influencing it (2012) (download)

The assessment of life quality and emotional state of women who experienced domestic violence, and the accessibility of help in Lithuania (2012) (download)

Enterprise occupational safety and health service preventive efficiency assessment (2011-2012) (download)

The assessment of the state of human resources in the primary health and education systems (2011-2012) (download)

The behaviour damaging nurses’ health in the changing psychosocial environment of a hospital being restructured (2011-2012) (download)

The assessment of periodic employee health examination and occupational disease determination (2011-2012) (download)

Projects implemented in 1999-2010

The problems of occupational disease diagnostics in Lithuania (2010)

The problems of occupational disease diagnostics in Lithuania (2010)

The spread of healthcare-related infections, their risk factors and the state of infection management in nursing hospitals (2010)

The assessment of the programme of national public healthcare development in municipalities in 2007-2010 (2009-2010)

The assessment of the vulnerability of people infected with HIV (suffering from AIDS) in Lithuania (2009)

The spread of psychological violence in the workplace, its manifestation forms and risk factors (2008-2010)

Occupational disease morbidity changes in Lithuania in 1995-2008 and the influence of legislation on occupational disease detection (2008-2009)

Unacceptable events and their causes from the healthcare specialists’ and patients’ point of view (2008-2009)

Antibiotic consumption peculiarities in Lithuanian hospitals and the factors influencing the consumption (2008-2009)

Epidemiological surgery wound infection peculiarities in Lithuanian hospitals in 2003-2007 (2008)

The search, optimisation, and approbation of the most suitable methods of health difference spread in the area (2008)

Diagnostic tests’ influence on the use of antibacterial medication (2005-2007)

Lithuanian residents’ exposure to cancerogenic pollutants – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (2005)

Setting up of the pupils’ health and risk factor information system (2004-2006)

The spread of retrospective asbestos effect in the workplace among patients suffering from lung cancer and pleural mesothelioma (2003-2005)

The assessment of mobile phone use intensity and increased sensitivity to the emitted electromagnetic fields (2003-2004)

The studies of Lithuanian residents’ exposure to cancerogenic pollutants – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (2002-2005)

Quality of life assessment of working-age Lithuanian region residents (2002-2004)

The assessment of the consequences of the accident in Jonava production union “Azotas” on the employee health (2002-2004)

Psychosocial occupational factor influence on depression and depressed state development (2002-2004):

Fragment I: Psychosocial occupational factor influence on development of clinically confirmed depression

Fragment II: Psychosocial occupational factor influence on depressed state development

Healthcare-related infections and their risk factors in intensive therapy departments of Lithuanian hospitals (2002-2004)

Occupational school student health and social environment (2002-2003)

The study of environmental chemical pollution with PAH and the biological effect of Pb on city residents (2001)

Musculoskeletal system injuries among those working with vibration-generating equipment (2000-2001)

Vilnius city public transportation (bus and trolleybus) drivers’ working condition and health state assessment (2000-2001)

The assessment of chemical working environment factors, individual protection tool use, and health state of medical staff working with chemical disinfection materials in Vilnius city hospitals (2000-2001)

Treatment with antibacterial medication and microbiological test organisation in Lithuanian polyclinics (2000)

Workloads and health of XI-XII grade pupils (1999-2000)

Company employees’ opportunity assessment according to working capacity index determination methodology (1999-2000)